Executive Session

Board of Education Educational Services Center
5021 East Main Street
February 22, 2016 5:30 PM


Agenda Status: Public Record

Executive Session

Meeting Participants

Participant Present? Roles
Amy Dudley Yes Director
Amy Scher Yes Director
April O'Cull Yes Director and Executive Assistant
Brenda Cook Yes Director
Christi Cloud Yes Director
Colleen Nobis Yes Director
Dana Kendall Yes Executive Assistant
Dianne Zarvas Yes Director
Jay Arthur Yes Director
Jennifer Clark Yes Director
Jennifer McFarland Yes Director
Jennifer Schwab Yes Executive Assistant
Joni Morris Yes Executive Assistant
Joyce Myers Yes Executive Assistant
Kathie Freed Yes Board Member
Kirsi Surati Yes Director
Layla Spanenberg Yes Board Member
Lightsky Test Yes Executive Assistant
Linda Gibson Yes Director
Martha McFarland Yes Director
Michele Soultz Yes Director
Mike Kerschner Yes Board Member
Nicholas (Nick) Wahl Yes Superintendent
Pam Knowles Yes Board Member
Roger McMichael Yes Director
Ron Farrand Yes Director
Ryan Newman Yes Director
Tamara Thornbury Yes Director
Terry Howell Yes Director
Tricia Hackett Yes Board Member

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